Analog CCTV Is Over – AHD Security System

Is the AHD technology the reason Analog CCTV is over?

For many years the security camera system industry have used analog cameras for protection such as the Lorex surveillance systems or Swann. Ever since the old 420TVL dome or bullet cameras existed we have used them thinking it was the best option available. And it actually was the best option for a very long time, but now there is a new kid on the block called AHD; Analog High Definition.

The PC Based DVR systems revolution started back in the 2000`s when a simple 16 channel dvr system could cost up to $5,000 dollars, that means customers paid a lot of money for a security system only to be able to see partial images of what was actually going on, images were a blur; especially when you needed to do a playback because DVRs back then could not process real time high resolution video. Also the Hard Drive sizes used to be 250GB or max of 500GB, that’s very small compare to the huge 2TB or 4TB Hard Drives we have available in our market today. We all thought the equipment was too expensive for what it had to offer, customers were not happy with the video quality, they were crying for a change.

With the flat screen and plasma TVs becoming better in size and picture quality year after year, ranging from 720P to 1080P resolution, customers begin to ask questions such as “Why doesn`t my security system look like this?” So finally the CCTV industry begin to follow the consumer TV market and started developing a better image quality for cameras. So now we have the arrival of AHD, a crystal clear picture quality of 720P definition.

AHD security system revolution begins

AHD security system revolution

The beauty of an AHD security system is that it can actually be used with the same old wiring from your previous analog cameras that means you do not have to change your old cabling infrastructure which can save you a lot of money. Another great advantage of AHD is that if you don’t have the budget to replace all your old analog cameras at the same time, you can start with the AHD DVR first and replace the cameras later, this technology is backwards compatible so it works with your old gear as well. But please be aware, you will not be able to reach its full 720P potential until you replace all of the security cameras as well to work with your new DVR.

Another amazing perk this new technology has to offer is the price. Today we can purchase a real time AHD DVR at HD Cameras USA for the same price of an old analog dinosaur, it’s a no brainier choice, so make sure to check out our AHD technology line up here AHD security system and make no mistake about it, AHD is the reason analog CCTV is over!

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