Home Security Camera System

Home Security Camera System: should you install one?

There is a saying that talks about how our home is our castle, and that is nothing far from the truth. The safety of our family is the most important thing in our lives, especially if you are the breadwinner in the home. The statistics don`t lie, there is a report out from the Alarm System Report agency that says over 2 million home burglaries are reported in America every year, that means a home robbery happens 240 times an hour, that’s about 6,000 a day.

home security camera systems

We definitely don’t think that will ever happen to our home; that’s because we live in a reactive society and not a proactive one. That means we wait until something happens to us to make a decision to install a security system. So unfortunately only about 14% of the population have some type of home protection, either an alarm system or a camera system.

Here at HD cameras USA we do not sell alarms nor alarm monitoring services, but we do sell security cameras. The reason we don’t like alarms is because of the monthly fees and the set-up fees, all those costs add up to too much money for just a few door contacts. Remember; the big cable and internet providers are not really looking into your best interest, what they are looking for is a monthly contract for long term revenue. So make sure you are making the right decision when thinking about protecting your home. The best for overall protection is a combination of both, an alarm and a surveillance system.

 Why you should install a Home Security Camera System

With the installation in home security cameras systems you can actually monitor everything that is going on at your house when you are not there; every time your kids get home from school or if you have a nanny babysitting your young ones, maybe even a caregiver taking care of an old parent. But most importantly it`s to watch what is happening when we are not there. There are many types of cameras one can use for the different types of applications, some indoor cameras will see what`s happening inside the home, those are usually installed in the hallways pointing at the main entrance of the house or inside the bedrooms, there are also outdoor cameras and that will monitor what`s going on outside the house, and those can also be waterproof with night vision in order to see perfectly clear who is roaming around your house in the dark.

Going back to statistics, there is an FBI study from 2005 that says we can lose up to $1,725 in one single burglary, that`s the average you will spend protecting your home, so if you are still asking yourself if it`s really worth it, you bet it is! Peace of mind is a great feeling to have, so as long as the system pays for itself there is no reason you shouldn’t do it specially because you can actually lower your home insurance cost by presenting the invoice to your insurance provider.

So If you think you are ready for a home security camera system installation give us a call today, and we will help you choose the best type of product for your needs.

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