DVR system to a Standalone DVR?

Is it time to change from my PC Based DVR system to a Standalone DVR?

You have a PC based DVR purchased back in 2005, the images are not as clear as you might like them to be or as they once were, you have wires running behind that PC everywhere, and its making noise, a lot of noise! Is it time to change it? First let`s look at some of the differences between both.

A PC based DVR security system is simply that, a DVR that used to be a regular desktop computer and it`s now a DVR stand alone system. All you have to do is add into the motherboard slot a card that transforms the computer into a security camera system, those cards are usually multiples of 4, 8 and 16channels. They are usually praised for its flexibility and their ability to be expandable (sometimes depending on software you might be able to go up to 32 and 64Channels). The pricing would vary depending on how good the software actually is; some really low priced cards can only record in low quality and some expensive cards would record in high resolution and real time up to 30 frames per second per channel. Some of the issues with the PC based system are that because it’s a windows based system probably running on windows 2000 or XP and it`s connected to the internet regularly, its prompt to viruses and hackers can also log into your system and view your cameras.









In the late 2000’s around 2008 to 2009 the standalone DVR systems were introduced into the market, a simple box not much bigger than a VCR which runs on a Linux embedded operating system. It`s another type of operating system that doesn’t allow people to hack into it because its closed to the outside world. That’s why people like them, no viruses and you don’t have to worry about all the different updates and patches from Microsoft that goes along with a PC based DVR. The DVR stand alone units area also much quieter and easier to conceal because of its size. Some of the cons of a standalone DVR is that they can`t be upgradeable to a larger system and it has a limited storage capacity because of its size versus a PC were you can add a raid system a have almost unlimited storage.

In order to know which one is the beast suitable DVR for you one must look at the application, so if you are just in need of a security camera package for a small to mid-sized business or maybe even your home; the pro`s here at HD Cameras USA will most likely recommend the Standalone DVR with a max of 16 channels. Now if you have a large scale project like a hospital, a school or need a security system for a warehouse you might consider the PC Based DVR because of its immense scalability capacity. Regardless of which DVR you are in need the most, or if you have a simple question about them, give us a call today and one of our experienced sales representatives will help you make an educated decision.

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