What is AHD Camera?


    100% plug and play. No complicated network knowledge required. Easy to use.


    Secured high security surveillance products in analog’s price.


    To further reduce system costs, ISP also integrates TX capability for the high-quality reliable transmission.


    Third-party standard. Compatibility with other supplier’s AHD products.


    AHD Camera uses modern techniques., YUV separates signal filtering. 3DNR for the higher definition and the better image restitutor.


    AHD can transfer 720p resolution at 25 frames per second and 720P/30 frames per second HD video over coaxial 75-3 or similar standard coaxial cable at the range of 500 meters.


    Unlike IP Cameras AHD cameras transmit data that is not encoded resulting in no process and no delay real time and complete transmission.


    Seamless compatibility with the standard Analog equipment like DVR including Video splitters, video baluns and so on.

The Next Generation of


AHD (Analog HD) is a new solution developed by Nextchip; a company specialized in the design and manufacture of semiconductor chips for the video security industry. This technology was developed to replace the existing analog cameras with a better 720P HD resolution without the price jump of the new HD-SDi and IP Megapixel resolutions.

A better image quality over standard analog and the ability to have very long cable runs makes this the future of cost effective surveillance systems throughout the world are 720p security cameras.

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AHD vs Standard Analog Resolution

The improved image quality gives you sharper image, screen noise reduction, and the enhanced definition speaks for itself. What is AHD cameras? Well check it. This is better than all the lorex surveillance system in Costco or amazon.

what is ahd camera

AHD vs CVI Resolution

Where are they coming from?

  • HD-CVI: in 2012, a Chinese manufacturer called Dahua announced its own standard for the CCTV industry, HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface), an analogue technology based on coaxial cable.

  • AHD: means “Analog High Definition”, AHD was created by Nextchip, a giant Korean manufacturer of semiconductors, it`s basically built around the same technology as CVI but with some very important dissimilarities in which you`ll learn below

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Reasons Why HD Cameras USA knows AHD technology is best

  • Compared with CVI, the AHD technology can be compatible with 960H/D1 allowing the user more compatibility with older systems not having to replace all your equipment at once.

  • Dahua the CVI manufacturer, Hikvision and TVT the biggest players, are the only companies allowed to produce and to distribute this patented technology, making it nothing different from a monopoly.

  • AHD is Open Source; any manufacture can use the chipset, creating more competition, consequently lowering prices making AHD more affordable over all others.