Cheap Surveillance System Pros and Cons

The difference between Open Source and Cheap Surveillance System

Many people are often swayed by the packages they see at Costco, Walmart, and other big name retail chains. However, what one must realize is that the people who are buying for big name retail chains are trying to buy for everyone at “affordable prices. The Lorex surveillance system caters to the low end users. The truth security camera systems cost on the low end about 800 and when you try to cut the price by half, quality is bound to suffer. Before it was okay and comparable, but open source platforms have made a leap with AHD, SDI, and TVI technology. This new technology can produce high resolution images, 720p, and 1080p on both live and recorded. The 720p price point is similar to the old higher res 1000TV lines analog and Lorex and the other big name companies seem to be scrambling to get this technology at the lowest price point, even raising some of their packages up to 900 dollars.



Does the new Surveillance System put them on an equal playing field?

In short though, the Lorex Surveillance System does not focus on quality. They only focus on bulk sales to non-experts and home users, and while that has a place in the security camera market, it isn’t really preferred. Yes, it is always better to have cameras than to have nothing, but in this writer’s opinion, if you’re going to spend $900 on a crappy package, you might as well spend an extra $200 to get the highest quality possible. Like my father and probably mostly everyone else’s father said, “If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right.” So, as an expert in the industry with over five years’ experience, and doing about 3 months’ worth of research on the new emerging technology, if you were to ask me would I ever recommend a Lorex Surveillance System? My answer at this time would have to be no.

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