How to capture a car license plate on video?

Capturing a car license plate on a video

A CCTV security system has many different pieces, in order to get a system working a lot of parts need to come together. We need the DVR, the connectors, the wires, the power supply and the camera itself. Most system are used for residential and business applications; to capture a thief in action, an employee sleeping on the job, a baby sleeping, an older family member under supervision and many other different applications where CCTV is needed. But perhaps one of the hardest application to achieve is the capture of a license plate on any vehicle.

When driving down the turnpike toll booth we see many cameras up high on top of a poll recording all of the cars that are passing by, those cameras are super high speed, high definition IP license plate cameras that regardless of the speed in which your vehicle is traveling, make no mistake about it, it will capture your tag, that camera has a built in software that helps to identify all plates, moving or still, that’s why you can be sure that if you don’t have a Sun pass account, you will get a ticket based on your license plate and vehicle address. The only issue is that those particular license plate cameras cost over $3,000 thousand dollars, they are not for the usual public use on a small or medium sized business.

The regular license cameras accessible for business can cost anywhere between $250 and $700, and even with a much more economic price point than the $3,000 cameras above, it can still be hefty sum. But that is the only way to see a tag in the dark. Regular surveillance cameras can see well during the day time, and at night time they turn on the infrared sensor, if a regular camera is pointed at a license it will not be able to see the tag because the IR leds that turn on at night time will reflect off the shiny plate not allowing the customer to see anything.

At HD Cameras USA we offer cameras that do not require any special housings outfitted with special glass and they don’t cost too much as well but that it will work for any small to medium sized business, just be aware that the cameras can only be mounted on a height if 8 feet max and they will see a vehicle tag up to 20 feet away. At the moment we are offering the 1080p license plate cameras and the IP license plate cameras, suitable for any type of application. So make sure to call one of our trained professionals today to assist you with any questions you might have about installing a new security camera system for home or business today.

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