Technology Comparison

See the difference between HD-CVI, AHD, HD-TVI HD-SDI


There are many HD Analog formats, encoding, and technologies, and while there is no “best” format, all of the technologies are not created equal! Each has it’s pros and cons you need to weigh in making your decision between the technologies. However, at HD Cameras USA, you can tell which technologies we love best by looking at our products page! We have done a lot of research on all the technologies and we are committed to never settling for low quality technology! That’s why we you will never see any of the Swann or Lorex bundles on our websites. We only offer the best! We would like to share a little comparison chart we made up when deciding our products!

See the difference between HD-CVI, AHDHD-TVI, and HD-SDI:



Okay, so we have this fancy chart. Some of you will be able to read it and make your own decisions, but for those who think this chart doesn’t mean anything, we’ll break it down into English and give our professional opinions about the technologies out there!

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