Why Open Platform

“In computing, an open platform describes a software system which is based on open standards. A system in which one can add or edit without the need of extra licenses, contracts or fees. An open platform implies that the vendor allows, and perhaps supports, the ability to do this.” – HD Cameras USA

Offering a True…


Regardless if your choice of technology is 960H, AHD 720P, SDi 1080P or IP Megapixel


No monthly fees at all, guaranteed, in order to access your security cameras over the internet, all of our DVR systems include a FREE DDNS set-up. Because we would not dare ask you to purchase a static IP address from your internet service provider. That’s a $20/month savings!

No “IP License fees” for any of our IP Camera Systems. Do you Want to add an extra IP camera to your system? No problem, it’s a free add-on.

No APP-in-store purchase necessary for all your mobile phones and tablets , all our DVR systems include a FREE viewing APP downloadable at the Android or APP Store.

No extra charge for a CMS system, the Central Management Station software program. Do you own multiple store locations and want to control all of the cameras at the same time, all in the same computer monitor from the comfort of your home or office? No Problem, it’s free!


But perhaps…

One of the biggest Open Platform ideas we have built our business model on, is actually on what not to offer.

We do not sell any HD-CVI or any other proprietary equipment that will soon be extinct!

Be aware of HD-CVI; an in-house development by a famous Chinese manufacturer that everyone is fussing about, mainly because of its low cost and false use of the term “HD” in its name misleading most buyers. (The full name says it all; Composite Video Interface). Composite means analog and it can never be compared to the HD-SDi and its true 1080P Definition used in the Television broadcasting industry today.


HD-CVI modulates video signal to level and then transmit; by adopting base-band and quadrature amplitude modulation. What that really means is HD CVi is nothing but a conversion from an analog modulation and then transmission, “forcing” an HD signal out. Yes, the cost is cheaper compared to HD-SDi, but the image resolution is not too far from a regular Analog 960H system, it also generates too much noise in the picture quality and the cameras are known not to perform well in low lighting conditions.

The biggest draw-back from HD-CVI or any other system that doesn’t work in an open platform is in its proprietary roots. You as the buyer need to understand that we are dealing with a technology that one or two specific manufacturers alone are trying to implement into the market, making it a closed-based-system, meaning you will always have to purchase equipment made strictly by that manufacturer, in this day and age it`s almost impossible to succeed with such a closed minded idea. This allows no room for expansion or changes in the future unless you are always dealing with the same equipment manufacturer over and over , enslaving you to a system that will not be compatible to industry norms.

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