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PDF Guides:

How to add an IP Camera into your DVR

Remotely add video from another DVR/NVR

iWatch DVR Quick Start Menu for 4&8 Channel

iWatch DVR/NVR Technical Manual

iWatch DVR/NVR DDNS Setup


DVR Software:

iWATCH Viewing Software

Central Management Software Setup

iWatch DVR/NVR ISO Sotware

How to Add your Logo to the iWATCH DVR:

1) Put both files (autodvr.xml (click to download) & Customer Logo.jpg) into root directory (F:\  G:\ etc.) of USB drive.

2) Insert the USB into your DVR then power the DVR on.

3) The DVR will execute the software automatically.

4) When finished, your DVR will show a “succeed” message.

5)Your new logo will be shown after  the DVR reboots.

 Phone Software:





Windows Mobile

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