Modular Network Crimper

The Modular Network Crimper is an all-in-one crimping tool designed for 6- and 8-position modular telephone and network plugs. For ease of use, it is ratchet-controlled and features an embedded flat cable cutter and stripper.


Combination tool terminates 8-position and 6-position modular style plugs.
No need to change crimping dies.
Full-cycle ratchet mechanism provides consistent, quality terminations every cycle.
Straight action ensures uniform crimp.
Small, compact design.
Built-in wire cutter & stripper for flat cable.
All-steel frame has rust-resistant, black oxide finish.
Crimping cavities for RJ45, RJ11/RJ12 & RJ22 handset modular plugs
Cuts and strips round UTP/STP phone and data cable along with flat satin phone cable
3 crimp profiles & 3 cutting & stripping functions without changing tools


Enhanced network cable tester

The enhanced network cable tester is specified to quickly test, and confirm whether the termination was properly done by distinguishing the discontinuity, miss-wire or polarization in your network cables.
Test cable: RJ45-RJ45; RJ45-RJ12; RJ12-RJ12, Cable type: UTP/STP/FTP

·         LED Display

·         Tests the following cables:

·         Coaxial Cable

·         10-Base-T

·         AT&T 258A

·         EIA/TIA 568

·         Token Ring

·         Detects Continuity, Miss-Wiring, and Polarization

·         Tests Cables Before Or After Installation

·         Tests The Ground Of Shielded Twisted Pair Cable

·         Connector Type RJ45, and BNC (can include others with a BNC- adapter)

·         Battery Not Included