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How to view our Live Demos:

There are two ways to view our live Demos! One way is to download the soCatch app on any app store for your phone or you can view it from the Internet Explorer web browser!

View our Live Demos from Internet Explorer

1) Open internet exlplorer

2) In the top right hand corner click the gear then click internet options.

3) Go to the security tab

4) Add and to your trusted websites list.

5) Go to the respective websites. It should ask you for the username and password which you can find below.

6) Click view from Explorer and you’re done!


soCatch App Setup

1) Tap on the soCatch App

2) Tap the + button on the top right.

3) Enter the appropriate infromation below!


AHD Live Demo Information

Internet Explorer Website:
Port: 83
Username: guest
Password: 1234


SDI Live Demo Information

Internet Explorer Website:
Port: 82
Username: guest
Password: 1234

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