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Technology is evolving day by day, and people are shifting to a more smarter lifestyle. At HD Cameras USA we believe that no one should be left behind the change.

Have you ever had someone telling you about the new automatic lighting system they got, and you have no idea how to get one for yourself? Are you trying to get a Home Automation Orlando system but doesn’t know where to start. Well then, we have great news for you. HD Cameras USA is the pioneer in manufacturing and installing home automation devices for decades. We have everything from remote controlled gates to automatic lighting systems. All you got to do is tell us what you want, and we’ll get it setup for you.

The latest invention of smart home technology is electronic door lock. Are you the type of person that share your house with your friends or family. Do you have multiple keys for a single lock? Then our automatic locks will be a good option for you. The first step to Home Automation Orlando is having a smart door lock. With our technology, you can use your smartphone as your key to the door. So now you don’t have to carry a physical key with you all the time, and neither you need to give separate keys to your family members. With our innovative technology, you can use a simple app on your smartphone to lock and unlock your door. How cool is that? But that’s not it. You can give access to someone straight from your app. All you have to do is add the person you like to share access with to your app. Simple as that.

Are you an anxious person who always double checks everything just to be sure. How many times have you forgotten to lock the door when going out? Have you ever forgot your key somewhere and called a locksmith to get your door open? Well, with our Home Automation Orlando technology you can forget about all those situations. Our smart lock system got you covered. Even if you forget your phone somewhere, or in case, your battery died you can use the provided NFC tag to unlock your door. SO now you’ll never have to call a locksmith. Even if you called, he’d have no chance to break the lock. All our automation devices are protected by an advanced security mechanism, so your complete safety is ensured.

Smart locks are not the only thing we have in store for you. We can install automated lighting systems which light up at a certain time and shuts off at another occasion. Moreover, you can use your smartphone app to control the lights as you wish. How many times have you walked out of bed just to turn off a single light? With our Home Automation Orlando technology, you don’t have to do that anymore. Call us now on our hotline and get all these smart systems for a very affordable price.

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