Door Access Control System Orlando

Door Access Control System Orlando

Have you ever faced a situation where you lost your door key and had to call your local locksmith just to get your door opened and ended up paying 50 bucks for it? We all face this situation. But now with HD cameras USA Door access control system Orlando you don’t need any locksmiths.

Our door access control systems are designed so that you don’t need to carry a key at any time. It’s all digital. All you need to lock your door and open it back again is your smartphone. It is simple as that. Our locks are designed with latest automatic detection technology which provides features that you’d never imagine. Our technology allows you to unlock or lock your doors automatically when you arrive or leave your home. Our locks are equipped with smart Bluetooth detection technology that allows it to identify you when you’re near the door and open it as soon as you get closer. So you don’t have to pull out your phone like other Door access control systems Orlando requires you to. On the other hand, you don’t have to lock your door manually either. As soon as you leave the 20ft radius, your doors will automatically close itself. If you’re an anxious person who always double checks everything, this might be a great relief for you.

With our private key sharing technology, sharing door access with family members and other relatives is easier than ever before. Do you have a house maid that comes to clean your home on specific days at a particular time? Are you trying to figure out how to give them access to your home without giving them a key which they could use to open your door every time? Well, HD cameras USA Door access control system Orlando got you covered this time as well. With our mobile app, you can give your maids access at specific times and revoke access anytime you like. Let’s say a housemaid is coming to clean your house every Wednesday at 10 am to 12 pm. You can give them access to your home during that time only through our smartphone app. Since we have an Android app as well as an IOS app, sharing access has never been so simple before. And you don’t have to worry about your maid not locking your door. Becuase as soon as they leave your home, all the doors will be closed itself.

You can do the same with your kids as well. Are you worried that your children might go out of your home after they arrive? With our Door access control system Orlando you can keep them in the house while the door is locked.

We designed our systems so that every person with various needs can use our locks to get a state of protection to their home. Our locks share a private encryption key with your mobile app, so other people can’t unlock your door without your permission.

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