Commercial Gate Access Control Systems Orlando, FL

Commercial Gate Access Control Systems Orlando, FL

If you own a large scale business, you probably have a reinforced steel gate in front of your workplace. Even though the gate provides a tremendous amount of security to the premises, it’s not always helpful. Especially if you have a ton of workers working there. You will have to open and close the gate every time someone needs get in or get out. This is troublesome. That’s why you need to get a Commercial gate access control systems Orlando, FL to your workplace.

This can ensure that you only allow your workers in and keep other out while concentration on your tasks. SO how Commercial gate access control systems Orlando, FL usually works is, when someone arrives at the gate you’ll get a notification from a motion sensor that you set up near your gate. After that, you can use a CCTV camera like an AHD or HD-TVI that HD Cameras USA offers to see who has arrived at your gate. You can use our technology even to identify people inside the vehicles. After you’ve identified who have arrived, then you can use your remote control and open the gate for them to come in.

As you can see it is a simple process. But the key ingredient of the security system is a good camera. A great close circuit camera can give you a ton of information and features. For example, cameras that are offered by HD Cameras USA provide a real-time stream of what’s happening to inform of the camera. Even though most cameras in the market support live streaming, our one’s are the only ones that provide a live stream without any delay in output. That’s because our high-quality cameras offer a unencoded stream. So there is no time wasted for compressing and processing the video allowing you to see what’s happening in real time.

Another reason why you should have our high-quality CCTV equipment for your Commercial gate access control systems Orlando, FL is that we provide you with a platform that we developed to store the video output for future use. Our software allows the user to scrape old recorded media within seconds. You can get it to give you the video of a particular date and time. So now you don’t need fast forward videos to get to the time you wanted at first.

Another reason why you should hire us to go with your Commercial gate access control systems Orlando, FL is that we have the best technicians in town for CCTV camera installation. WE have installed cameras for local households as well as for government institutions. SO we know what we’re doing, and we’re excellent at it. When hiring us to do your installation, you don’t have to worry about anything. We do everything from configuring the cameras to installing them. We even do the wiring for you. So get all these all you got to do is call us on our hotline now.

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